so you think you can dance...dance...dance

AHHHHHHHHH-MAZING! that's all i can say about the 'so you think you can dance' tour last night! it seriously was fantastic! keith and i went with our good friends, matt and allyson. we first ate at 'jack stack' bbq...yummmmm...it was so good! then headed over to the newly built 'sprint center'...that place is amazing as well! it's huge! allyson and i were soooo excited to see this tour...we religiously watch the show, and are always excited for the new season to begin...so this was a nice filler in between the seasons! we were so excited that when the lights went down and the music started we both were crying with excitement! yah, we were like high school girls at the new kids on the block concert! all we needed were our "i love neil" shirts...we would have blended in nicely with the crowd, considering a majority of the girls had on those shirts! but seriously, we do love neil. anyways, the night was full of awesome group, couple and solo dances...i am a dancer, and i can just tell you that going on tour like this would be my stinkin' dream! i mean come on...getting to dance, amazing dances all the time, with awesome people...how fun!! if only they had this show back in my college days...i would have tried out in a heart-beat...a bunch of my good friends are trying to convince me to tryout...and i seriously consider it...but come on, i am a mom...a breast-feeding mom...do you think they have time-out breaks for the moms to pump? yah, i didn't think so. i would scare away all the 20 year olds with my pump. anyways...it's still ALWAYS in the back of my mind...we'll see. here are some crazy pics we took pre-concert...we were so excited! here's one of keith and i doing a dance move...yah, my husband looks like he's 10 in this picture...
and a stinkin' hilarious one of matt and allyson doing their pose...keep in mind, allyson is pregnant...and she wanted to get on matt's shoulders...yah, it was funny. (oh yah, sorry matt...i promised you wouldn't be on the blog, but i couldn't resist!)
and here is one of allyson trying to do my world famous thumbs up pose...
this is really what it should look like...you just have to put as much cheese into it as you can! nice try though allyson! :)
don't ask me about this picture...we were just so excited that we decided to pose and show off our flexibility...which isn't that flexible in my case...i couldn't even reach the tree to grab it!

well, it was a blast and i'm so thankful i got to share these memories with allyson! have a great sunday!