we're home!

well, we are back! we made it back into kansas city last night around 7:30...the trip home took about an hour less...i guess i was a pro at those long stops by then, that i could shorten them up a bit! the last 2 hours of the drive home was sooooo long! i kept looking at my clock, or my mile counter, and they just kept ticking by, mile by mile, minute by minute...i thought to myself "surely it's been longer than 2 minutes since the last time i looked at the clock!" well, we finally made it home, and my husband had a yummy dinner waiting for us...the kids were so excited to see him! when hadley gets overly excited, she cries, so when she saw keith, she ran to him, crying and laughing...it was super sweet :) so, my trip was awesome! here is a picture with us and hannah and her baby girl, gentry. it really was so much fun to just get to hang out with hannah, and be moms together! we have been best friends since high school...so, it's definitely funny to think back to those days and tell funny stories! and i must say that she is an amazing mom! so laid back...and so great to gentry...she is a lucky little girl to have a great mom like that! well, so on the drive back, me and my thoughts were going crazy, and i thought of a few things that i realized/learned on this trip...here are a few:
1. caedmon is more excited about his superman underwear than seeing the gorgeous mountains...i should have figured that, huh?
2. no matter where i am, blogging is STILL addictive!
3. even 10 years after high school, it's still fun to get together with your best friend, make yummy cookie dough, eat it uncooked, and just hang out and talk...that never gets old!
4. even though i loved having a bed to myself...i definitely missed keith sleeping next to me...99% of the time he is invading my personal space, and i'm complaining about it, but i kind of missed his toes creeping over to my side of the bed!
5. a 10 hour road trip with 3 children really feels like a 32 hour road trip :)
6. there is actually a gas station called "loaf-n-joy"...who named that...and why?
7. the zoo is the zoo, no matter what state you are in...the animals still just sit there and sleep, eat their poop, or hide when people come to look at them.
8. people stare at you and whisper when you jump out of the car in the middle of nowhere, with 3 babies, by yourself.
9. I-70, is the longest road ever! and the cities off of that road are very proud of very weird things...all to get you to stop in their city...here are a few:
~the infamous "telephone" museum (didn't realize it was infamous)
~the oasis on the plains (this town was complete with fake palm trees and everything!)
~come and pet greyhounds at the greyhound museum...oooh, exciting.
~the city that is christmas all year long. (yah, that would get old real fast)
~wizard of oz museum (okay, i was tempted at this one...sounded fun)
~and last but certainly not least...my favorite by far...the world's largest prairie dog...weighing in at just over 8,000 lbs! umm, isn't that like 8 elephants combined? so, i really wanted to stop and see this, but when i pulled up and saw the farm it was at, i thought to myself "this is like in some horror movie...i'm not so sure my kids and i will come out of this farm/barn alive"...yah, it was that creepy...so we didn't even get out of the car. but an 8,000 lb prairie dog??? come on, is it real? i'm so intrigued!
10. and the last thing that i realized/learned on this trip, is that i did it! yah, i drove this long road trip with all of my kids...and it was fun! there were defintely moments, that i felt like shooting myself, but i made it...and i'm so stinkin' proud of myself!
so, i am glad to be back...i missed keith so much! have a great day and thanks for stopping by! don't forget that i'm going to 'so you think you can dance' tonight!!!! ahhhhhh! i can't wait!!! i'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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