hey all! well, i can't believe that tomorrow we will be on a plane, flying to california...i am SOOO unprepared! there is just so much to do still...and it's absolutely beautiful weather here today, and of course tomorrow the weather people are calling for snow tomorrow. the only day this week, but it has to be on the busiest traveling day of the year! yikes! our plane doesn't leave until 6 in the evening, so i'm sure we will be caught up in delays and things like that...pray for us! i just want to get there, and not have to deal with all the stresses of flying!
well, i've absolutely realized that my sweet and shy little hadley is no longer so sweet and shy...she is now named "sassy mcfrassy" in my book for the tude she possesses 75% of the day. is it possible for her to be experiencing PMS already? well, as my friend carly said in her blog one day, she believes her kids suffer from "toddler PMS"...ha! how true is this...where, from the moment they wake up, you can't do anything right for them. i just have to leave her rolling around on the dirty floor, until she comes to her senses (hey, it cleans the floor up a little bit...and i usually don't have to sweep that day). i mean, i've given her some leeway, as we all have bad days/mornings...but come on...the tude has to go. i can't handle the "i want this...no, i don't want it...yes, i do want it...no, get it out of my face"...she must have learned this from her brother, cause he does that half of the day as well. toddlers want so bad to be independent, but then need us to do everything for them. i guess i would have a tude too. but, i'm ready for "sassy mcfrassy" to go back to being my "sweet hadley bean". for real.
yesterday was a rough day with caedmon...i mean, could we butt heads anymore than we already do??? i think not. that kid knows exactly what irritates me and does it to the n'th degree. even when the outcome is a spanking, or a time-out or getting his favorite toy taken away. he still does it. i haven't found his "soft spot" yet...something that really works when he is in trouble. oh, please let me find it! he has been sick for like a week and a half now...off and on puking, so we haven't really gone anywhere, so being cooped up isn't helping the annoying factor here. i mean, i love that kid more than anything, and he is so brilliant and loving, but man, he knows how to make me mad. ahhhhhhhh!
well, this is a picture of the advent calendar i am making. ummm, this project took about 3 days longer than expected...and i'm still not finished. there is so much detail on it, that it's taking forever! i am absolutely loving how it turned out though...hopefully i will finish it soon! all right, gotta run...so much to do...i need to peel myself away from the computer screen now!
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