my daughter, the holy one

oh, of course...i talked about hadley yesterday and how i think the devil may have possessed her at times...and here she is when i go in to wake her up from her nap...she has fallen asleep with the bible on her. she's so spiritual...what a show off. haha! just kidding...but seriously, i did find her like this...and i couldn't resist snapping a shot...she looks like a grown up, falling asleep with a book on their chest...and it just so happens that she was looking at the bible. too funny. in this picture, she is of course my "sweet hadley bean" again! well, caedmon has been saying some funny things lately...he's fascinated with saying "boobies"...or at least he thinks it's really funny. my grandma informed me the other day that, when they were watching the kids for me, they were eating rice krispie treats, and caedmon made sure to let them know that "milo can't eat any cause he only drinks milk from mommy's boobies"...nice caedmon, TMI. like my grandpa wants to hear that! and, yesterday we were talking about what words start with the letter B...and we said "boy, big bird, ball"...and then caedmon shouts "BOOBIES!" and then proceeds to laugh his head off. great. my 3 year old loves boobies. oh, i could go on and on, but i'll spare you all the boobie stories...as i have many!
yesterday, i walked in to find caedmon changing milo's diaper...he didn't want any help from me...but of course hadley wanted to get in on the action...so, she pulled like 18 wipes from the bucket and started helping caedmon wipe the poo-poo...they of course thought it was the grossest thing ever! but, he changed it...i had to re-do the way the diaper was on afterwards (of course when he wasn't looking) but, i was proud of my little daddy and mommy. and 5 minutes later he was changing it again...oh boy...
well, it was 70* here yesterday...and we woke up to a bitter cold of 30*...and it's supposed to stay this cold...and they are calling for snow...love it. the day that we and a bajillion other people are traveling. sweet.
i hope everyone has safe travels...i just want to be in california already!!!! i will update my blog as much as i can while i'm out there...but if i don't get to it tomorrow, have a great thanksgiving...what are you thankful for this year? bye friends!!
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