new cousins

here are the pictures of the new cousins...my family hasn't seen pictures of them yet (of the top 2), so i wanted to post some for them...i love how different all 3 of these babies look! they are cousins, but all look very different! this one is of brendan...he is the newest addition, born in october. he is so snuggly, and i just love sitting there holding him...he's at that stage where he still just chills, and isn't trying to wiggle or hold his head up or drool everywhere. yah, this is a good stage.

this is precious delia may...i mean, look at those eyes...she is just about the prettiest thing i have ever seen! i can't stop looking at her when i'm around her, cause those huge eyes just draw me in...she is just so beautiful...and such a sweetheart! i love to get to spend time with these 2 babies, especially since we don't get to see them at this stage for very long!

and of course, we all know milo...just wanted to show the 3 newest additions to the anderson chaos!

well, not much to tell except that we are spending a lot of time with friends and family. we went and visited scott's best friend and his family last night. they have 3 boys...lakai, maddox and rafe...caedmon was so tired and cranky when we got there, so there was definitely a lot of crying and screaming going on because of toys stolen and all that fun stuff. we are planning on going to eat chinese with granny and gong-gong tonight (granny makes me try weird things when we eat chinese...yuck! i'll stick to the sweet and sour chicken, please). and then after that we are traveling to lodi to visit some friends of keith's from college. tomorrow we are going to san fran to visit chinatown...i am so excited! it's always go, go, go with us while we are here...but it kind of has to be...lots to do in such a short time!
well, one more thing...we have told most of our friends and family by now, so it' s safe to post it on the blog :) keith has accepted a job working for campus crusade for christ in orlando, florida...at their headquarters! (yup, reread that line...that is really what i said :) ) they want him to start work by jan. 14th, so we have a few short weeks to spend time with our family and friends, pack, get our house ready to move, find a place down there, move our stuff, and get 2 of our cars down there! crazy, huh? this is the biggest thing we have ever done...and it is no doubt a leap of faith. we trust whole-heartedly that this is where God wants us to be though...and we know that if we didn't go, that we wouldn't be following his will for our lives. as hard as it may be in the beginning, i know the Lord will provide an amazing church family for us, and that through time, it will be easier for us. i have actually had a lot of time to ponder on it (since we've been in cali) and i no longer get completely emotional about it. i now have a bit of an excitement feeling...it's good to know you're following the Lord...he always provides! so, it's a long move from kansas to florida, but we are confident it's the right one! wow, huh? it still makes me speechless when i think about it. are we really doing this?
all right all...thanks for stopping by...will write more tomorrow! later!
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