christmas tree hunting

well, today we went to help the esola's pick their christmas tree. we have always had a fake tree...so, it was a fun experience for the kids...to go up into the mountains and get to pick a real tree that was growing from the ground! we got to ride in a trailer, pulled by a tractor, all the way up the mountain. the kids had a blast! it was a lot of fun, and the weather was a crisp 40-50 degrees...it was perfect weather! here is a photo of the incredible view...i could live in the mountains! the beauty is always breath-taking to me...maybe cause i'm not around it...ever!

here is one of caedmon and cousin bailey...they are good buds, so when we come out here, they spend so much time together! and i can't believe i got them to pose for this picture!

well, we had to get one of the fam together...little milo was wrapped up like a burrito!

and here is the hadley...waiting in the tractor trailer to take us back to the bottom of the mountain!

afterwards, we went over to apple hill to get some yummy caramel apples...well, the place was so crowded, and i didn't want to stand in line, so we ended up passing on the apples, and just walked around and tried not to lose all our kids in the crowd! it was a good day, but very tiring. sue and i are about to leave for 'so you think you can dance'...i'm so excited! and, i found some great rainboots today at costco! yah!! i will sport those tonight as well.
we are enjoying our trip and love getting to hang out with the family...it's so good to catch up, and it always feels like we haven't been away that long! caedmon and hadley always jump right in with the cousins and have fun...they love being around them.
well, i've got to go feed milo and then get ready to go to the show!! NEIL, here i come...and this time, i have binoculars!! will write tomorrow!!
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