a page about me

so, i've always looked through scrapbooking magazines, and thought..."what weirdos" to all those ladies who scrapbooked pages about themselves...but then it hit me...okay, i do all this scrapbooking for my family (hopefully, generations from now)...and i'm hardly ever in any of the pictures...my family won't know anything about me, except that i really loved to scrapbook. so, i'm starting a tradition, where, every family album, i do a page that is all about myself...and what i'm like that year...i LOVE the idea! i will also do a page about keith as well (which coordinates with this one...his page will be right next to mine...and he's holding my hand in the pic...i'll post that one too when it's finished!) i just think that i would have loved to sit down and read things like this about my parents...i'm always interested in knowing what they were like when they were young, so this would have been awesome to have. so, i hope my kids appreciate it as much as i'm hoping, and don't think to themselves "what weirdos."
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