i love thursdays

well, normally i love thursdays, because both my kids are in school, and i get the day to run errands and all that good stuff...but like the past 3 thursdays one of my kids have been sick, so i haven't been able to enjoy my thursdays. same thing with today...caedmon threw up last night...again...ugh. i'm done with the sickness that is being passed around my kids and our friends kids. everyone seems to have been affected by this stomach bug, and it doesn't seem to be going away! it's like 'attack of the stomach bug'...anyways, we need to be healthy for our trip next week, so i am praying amazing healing powers from the Lord to be blessed upon our family! for real! i can not travel with kids that are throwing up...no way, jose.
tonight is my fun night of television as well...my favorite show in the past has been the office or grey's anatomy, but i have to say now that it's e.r. that i can't miss every week...and it looks like it's going to be a good one tonight! i still LOVE the office...well, i LOVE every show on NBC on thursday nights...if only i had a tivo...or a vcr. do they even make vcr's anymore? we would probably get laughed at when we bought one.
okay, i just have to say check this girls blog out...she cracks me up...i'm not kidding when i say she should be a writer...for real. her posts are funny, and always what i'm thinking at the time. i mean, her blog link is called 'wake up and smell the baby'...how funny is that...and how true? anyways, check her out...she's a hoot! and can i just say that i'm proud of myself because i have mastered 'nacho libres' voice to a perfection...i have, just ask my husband...the other night on the way to small group we were quoting it like crazy, and i seriously could be jack blacks voice-over or something...my imitation of him is that good. yes, it's the little things that make me happy :)
this mothers day page was sooooo simple...i love the chipboard flowers set from su! and i finally got to use some of it on this page. i plan on making a christmas garland with it as well...will let you know how that turns out! i hope to scrap today...since caedmon isn't feeling well, he'll probably just chill out on the couch most of the day...which is fine with me! i've also got to get to work on some christmas projects...wish me luck! have a great day...and thanks for stopping by :)