this kid...

...is going to break some ladies hearts one day! watch out girls, cause here comes caedmon. i'm telling ya, the dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and that dimple. that's a winning combination! i love these pictures of him! i think he's finally accepting the fact that mom likes to take tons and tons of pictures now, and so instead of fighting, it's good just to give in right away...and maybe even pose for a few :) now it's hadley that we need to work on. she used to be my cheese-head, and now she won't even come near if the camera's out. she can't be bribed with anything either cause she doesn't understand. dang it!
well, our trip home from california was less eventful than the trip out there...thank goodness! our last few days there were jam packed...we went to chinatown in san fran on tuesday...when we were driving around trying to find a place to park, caedmon says "are we in china yet?" ha! not quite! it was fun though, except those hills are killer to walk up! i had milo in the snugli, and man i got my work out for the month! the people who live there should be the fittest people in the world! anyways, chinatown was what it was...chinatown. lots of chinese folks walking around, staring at us crazy tourists (luckily we had granny, and so we somewhat blended in). we visited the fortune cookie factory, where about 3 little ladies sit there and make the fortune cookies. you can't take a picture otherwise they charge you 50 cents! we got bags and bags of fortune cookies that the kids snacked on all day long. yum. after chinatown, we went and ate at, of course, a chinese restaurant. if you've never been to a chinese restaurant with a chinese family, let me tell you, it can get crazy! luckily, the whole family wasn't there, so it wasn't as crazy as it normally could have been, but the kids did give the other customers there a show by running around and acting exactly like toddlers know how to act! it was yummy, but after this trip, i don't think i want to eat chinese food again for awhile! we ate too much!!
'so you think you can dance' was of course, fabulous!!! i mean, can i please be in college again, and have nothing holding me back so i can try out for this stinkin' show??? why didn't they make this show sooner??? i would have tried out in a heartbeat! the show was great and sue and i had a good time...we were so far back though...2 rows from the very top of the arena...even the big screens looked small to us from up there. we were in dominique's (one of the dancers) hometown, so of course he was going crazy and so was the crowd. it was cool to see! i LOVE that show!!!!!! i can't wait for it to start again!!!
well, it's good to be home, but now reality has sunk in and i'm back to realizing that i'm moving cross-country in 5 weeks...eeeek! we are so fortunate that my mom and her husband have offered to get a moving van and moving company to come in and pack for us and move us to orlando...how amazing is that????? i can't even begin to tell you how much this helps us out...we are so grateful mom and doug!! that takes a huge load off of my back. there is still so much running through my brain though...i've been thinking a lot about what we want to make sure we do one last time before we go...aside from of course spending as much time with family and friends...here is my list: 1) go see the plaza lights and spend some time walking around down there 2) eat at planet sub and mi ranchito...oh, how i'll miss these restaurants! 3) shop at hobby lobby everyday, cause i'm pretty sure it's only a midwest store...bummer! 4) play outside in the snow (here's hoping it snows before we leave!!) 5) get my nose pierced (again...this will be the third time i've had it pierced!) with my good friend allison...come on allison, you know you want to do it! 6) stand outside at night and just smell the crisp, cold air...i will miss this...as much as i dislike cold weather, i will miss it (sniff) 7) seriously, enjoy every minute i have here...this has been my home for 26 years...as blah as kansas may be, i love it, and i hope we come back one day!
so there ya go...i have about a bazillion more things running through my head, but not enough time to write...gotta run and catch up on some orders i need to finish! thanks for stopping by!
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