the fulk family

keith and i are so fortunate to have this family in our life :) we met corey and marietta fulk about 5 years ago at church, and instantly hit it off with them. a couple months later, we ended up moving across the street from them, and we've been neighbors ever since! they are just about the sweetest little family you could ever meet. i feel so blessed to have marietta as one of my best friends, and she is one of the big reasons it will be so hard to leave kansas. it has been fun to see them be blessed with their precious little girl, nevaeh...she is a joy and being parents has only made them better people (and i thought they couldn't get any better!!) we will miss looking out our back door and seeing their house, but i know that we will be in touch with them quite often! our kiddos will especially miss "auntie rita and uncle corey" as they have called them! it's so cute! anyways, i know that marietta and i will still talk about 5 times a day (like we do already) so i'm very happy about that...i will just miss having her a few feet away!!
anywho, they needed a quick christmas picture for their card this year, so we went outside tonight (it was super windy, cold and wet) and took a few shots. the photo shoot took all of about 3 minutes, so it was quick and easy! and they are such a beautiful family, that it's kind of hard to get a bad picture!!
tomorrow morning we are having milo dedicated at church...all my family will be there, so that is nice! and then afterwards, we have a family christmas get-together...fun but busy day! well, gotta run...the husband thinks i'm addicted to the computer...hmmmm...could be....could be.
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