treat box

i decided to give this treat box a try...i've seen it all over some stamping blogs lately...thanks to beate and her tutorial, making this box was a piece of cake! i am going to give it to my hostess tomorrow as a thank you gift...she is a teacher, so i figured she could put it on her desk...i think pens and pencils would fit nicely in here. this box is made out of a 12 x 12 size piece of card stock...so you can kind of get an idea of how big it is...i love it, and it was SUPER easy to make! it would be good to hold candy, treats, any small item that you may need a little gift basket for! if you decide to make one, make sure to leave me a comment and link it up so i can see how yours turned out! check out the tutorial up above for complete instructions! happy treat box making!