amazing family photos!

oh my gosh...i got the cd from miss allyson today and the pictures are soooo good!! it's so stinkin' hard to choose! can i put all 100 or so on my christmas card??? yah, people would love that :) here are just a few, and they are mainly of keith and i, cause the kids did not feel like cooperating...but, they still turned out great! i mean, seriously, they are good. and i can't choose between black and white and color...i love the color because the green and yellow doors...but i love the vintage look of black and white. ohhhhh, the decisions!
good news! my friend jeanna had her baby!! a little girl, named lucy...she was born yesterday and everyone's doing great! i hope to go visit sometime today!
well, short post today, but i've got my workshop this afternoon, so i need to go get things done for that! thanks for looking!

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