84 degrees

hi all! i've been a bad blogger :( but, i'm back (at least for a short time)...my mom, milo and i are in florida right now, hunting for a place to live and the good news is...we've found one! the exact one that i wanted, was still available, so we went ahead and decided on it...it's perfect for us, and the best part about it is that when we look out our back door, "campus crusade for christ international" is right there! keith's job is right there!!! i'm so stoked! we are used to keith driving 45 minutes back and forth to work everyday, and now he's so close, he could walk! it's such an answer to prayer...God is so faithful when we trust in Him.
keith's flight gets into orlando in about 3 hours, so i'm definitely excited to see him...and to show him the place tomorrow! i know he'll love it! it's been fun to get to explore this city today...it's completely different from what i'm used to. the high today was 84*...we left kansas with snow on the ground (and i heard you all got more last night)...and came into 80* weather. the place where we'll live has a community pool in it, and people were swimming today!! can you believe that?? well, if you live in florida, than you can believe it, but it's just so crazy for me to see! i can hardly believe that we are going to be living here...all i know is kansas...that's all i've ever known! it's such an exciting adventure! we drove up to crusade's headquarters today, and looked around. if you have never been there, they are just about the most beautiful buildings i've ever seen...i got major butterflies in my stomach when we were there...i'm just so excited for keith. this is his dream job!! i know he's going to love it, and i have no doubt that this is where we are supposed to be right now...we have been praying (along with a lot of other people) about his job situation for so long now...it's such an answer to prayer :) is this all really happening?? pinch me :) well, not really.
i'm glad to have found our home...i miss caedmon and hadley terribly (why is that, cause they drive me crazy when i'm around them :) )...i can't wait to get back to kansas and see them...and give them the biggest hugs :)
well, i'm off to shower and get ready for bed...i didn't get very good sleep last night, so i'm hoping to make up for it tonight! g-night!