another wreath

i made a couple wreaths for christmas this year...this one in particular is one that i made for my grandma...i knew she would love it, and she did. i think i even saw some tears :) these wreaths are so super easy and fun to make...i can't wait to see mine in paper trends...only a couple months away! how exciting!
well, keith got in late last night to florida...but it wasn't without stress, cause his flight was late getting into charlotte, which meant he had to sprint to his next flight...luckily they waited for him to get there, otherwise he would have had to wait until morning for the next flight, as that was the last one to fly out! oh yah, friends, if you're interested in visiting us in sunny florida, you can get on southwest right now and book a flight for $59!! that's one way, but super cheap! i think you can fly till the end of april or something...so, come on out...we'll have plenty of room in our new townhome! we signed the lease today so it's official! it's a 5 bedroom townhome...which we don't need 5 bedrooms, but for the price and location, we took it! so, i was going to make one of the rooms into my scrap room, but after being there today, we switched things around, and the master bedroom (which is actually on the lower level) will become the guest room, and we will take the biggest room upstairs and one side will be for my scrap stuff. i'm happy...i get a new area, and a new desk and some new shelves...i'm excited!! and it's nice for when we have guests, cause they are downstairs, in the back of the house, with their own bathroom...and we don't have to feel like our kids are bothering them at night or anything...i mean, it's rare for our kids to all sleep through the night...one of them always needs a drink, or to go potty, or whatever, so we figured it would be best to be upstairs with them. i really am just so excited for all of this! it's happening in 2 weeks...can you believe that???
on that note...keith will probably kill me for putting this on my blog, but i was so moved when i read this, that i just had to share. this is his "farewell address" as he called it, to all of his co-workers. basically, an email he sent to them, on his last day...i was blown away when i read it:
"With today being my last I wanted to convey my deep gratitude in working alongside with each one of you. It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you over the years. Life seems like a revolving door many times with people coming and going during our lifetime. And it has come to a point where I'll be leaving StateStreet and may not see many of you ever again. I was up at a ridiculous time this morning, with the help of Caedmon(the 3-year old), and it was really put in my mind to write what I needed to say today. So being way to early to do anything else, I listened. Working with all of you over the past 4+ years has been a great experience for me. Some of you I have known longer than others, but my hope is that each one of you was encouraged, and not discouraged, in our interactions with each other. My purpose at StateStreet was much greater than getting the job done each day or getting along with co-workers, but rather to point to someone greater than I. Many of you know who I am and what I represent and my only hope is that my actions, work & knowledge were seen as representative of my belief. My purpose has brought me and my family to Orlando for a new adventure. My hope is that each one of you would take time to reflect and find purpose in your life as you continue down it's path. May each one of you aspire to great things this coming year! Thanks for working alongside me. Off to the sunshine! "
ummm....yah, the tears were flowing from my eyes when i read this. i am married to a good man. he told me later that he felt God telling him that he needed to write this...and so he obeyed...he just knew that his time at state street wouldn't mean much if people weren't absolutely sure of his faith. he is such an encouragement in my life...he is always striving to be closer to our Lord. seriously, i love that man.
well, have a great night and thanks for stopping by :) we'll be flying home tomorrow...pray for safe & timely travels! thanks all :)

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