today was my last MOPS meeting before we make the big move! the theme of this morning's meeting was "our favorite things"...we got the idea from oprah and how she has her favorite things show every year (you know the one that we all so desperately want to be on...i mean come on...free stuff that oprah picks out?? i can't stand that woman, but she sure has great taste). anywho, the steering team (pictured above) each picks out their favorite thing and we make/buy enough for all 30 or so ladies in the group. we stand up and explain why it's our favorite thing and then we get to give one to each of the ladies...but it's all exciting and loud and we try to get the ladies excited about getting candles and socks, just like on oprah, you know, when they are excited about getting cars :) but it's such a fun meeting, and i made a 6 x 6 scrapbook page (which i will post tomorrow) i hope that the moms in the group felt so loved (cause we LOVE them so much!) and that they had a lot of fun! allison surprised me with a scrapbook that she put together, that included notes from some of the moms, to me...basically a going away gift. i have yet to read all of it, cause i keep getting interrupted, but once the kids go down for bed, i will sit with my box of kleenex and read away! i love those ladies so much and will miss them dearly! the other picture is of me and melissa...this lady is such a sweetheart, and i am so thankful that god put her in my life...she just recently moved here, and so i know i will be calling on her often, after i move...as i'm sure i'll be needing some advice on how to deal with moving!!

and this is a picture of my bestest friend in the whole world, jami...or james, as i like to call her :) she has been my best friend since high school...we met at her locker...she said something funny...i told her she was funny...and we've been best buds ever since. i love this girl with every bone in my body, and will miss her tremendously!!! i finally got her to come to MOPS this year (after months and months of harassment) and it's been fun to have her in the group. i'm sure it's annoying to everyone else cause when we get together, it's all about jami and emily and the ridiculous high school and college stories, that nobody knows anything about, but that we think are completely funny. you could put jami and i in a corner and we could entertain each other for hours. she is such a woman of god (totally takes after her mother) and has encouraged and inspired me to be the same. ummm...can her and her precious little filipino family please move with us???
anyways, gotta run and put the bambinos to bed...have a great night!
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