6 x 6 page

here is the page that i created for the MOPS "favorite things" give-a-way. it's a 6 x 6 size, and i copied it from another one of my pages that i did last year, that actually won a stampin' up contest! i won last december, so if you're a demonstrator, you can look in the onstage for that time period, and see my page in there! i changed the colors around a bit, but i love how this turned out. it matches the family wreath that we made earlier this year, so hopefully people can frame it and hang it next to that!
anyways, the kids went to school today, from 9-3, but it never fails that thursdays are the hardest days with them. they come home at 3 and are cranky cause they haven't napped, and are needy cause they are cranky...it sucks. i quickly lose it with them...i just CAN'T handle whining and fighting with each other...it never fails that they are in their rooms, very shortly after they come home, cause i just don't want to listen to them anymore. caedmon chooses to bang on the walls, kick the door and do everything else completely loud when he gets sent to his room...i'm surprised our neighbor (we live in a townhome) hasn't called the police on us yet. just waiting for the day when they show up at my door :) and in other news...is it possible to have a 3 year old vegetarian??? cause i think i've got one. well, actually not, cause in order to be a vegetarian, you have to like veggies, and this kid doesn't like them...nor does he like meat. he is major drama at dinner time cause i make him eat 3 tiny pieces of chicken, or hamburger...or whatever the meat of choice is that night. it takes the child hours to swallow 3 pieces of meat (he better enjoy the 3 pieces, cause when he turns 4, he has to start eating 4 bites :) ). he tells me that he does not like meat...that it's gross to him. he says that the only meat he likes are the chicken mcnuggets from old macdonalds, as he likes to call it. sorry to say kid, i'm not quite sure what that meat is...turtle maybe? anyways, i don't like him eating that food very often, so, here we are stuck...trying to get the kid to eat some protein. why is it so hard? dinner time is always a battle. isn't dinner supposed to be fun, family time. not in the anderson house...around 4:00, i start getting knots in my stomach cause i know the drama i'm going to have to deal with. i'm not one of those moms who feeds the kids mac and cheese every night cause they don't like what's for dinner. i'm sorry if you don't like it...i worked hard on it, and you're going to eat it. those are the rules in our house. when do they start to understand that there are starving kids out there who would love to eat his chicken enchilada?? one day...we can only hope...one day.
well, i've got to run and pull my hair out....the fighting and screaming...please make it stop!!!!!!
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