no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed...

allyson needed a quick shot of her family having fun and jumping on their bed, for their christmas cards...so i helped her (even though i was very nervous the whole time! she's an awesome photographer...so, i really wanted to make sure i got what she wanted :) ) when i was taking the pictures, i ended up doing the EXACT thing that i hate when photographers do to me...just standing there, asking them how they want the photo, rather than getting right in there and snapping away. so sorry for being so lame allyson, blame the nerves! anyways, the picture on their christmas card, really inspired me to take pics of my kids having fun and jumping on the bed. they love to play on mommy and daddy's bed (probably because it's soooo comfy and big!!) so, while they were doing it today, i snapped some pictures...i LOVE them! i'm so glad for the inspiration...thanks cheney ;) i can't wait to scrapbook these...if i ever find the time...ugh!
speaking of time...i had the whole day to myself (and milo) yesterday! for christmas, my friend jenn wanted to give some of her friends a "day to themselves"...and it was EXACTLY what i needed! i spent the day finishing up my christmas shopping, wrapping presents and reading the new CK issue...i saw it on the stands at hobby lobby, complete with elizabeth kartchner on it...and so, i couldn't resist, and i bought it and enjoyed every minute of my peace and quiet, reading the mag. AND, i've been complaining the past couple days cause i still hadn't received my demo copy of the new su! catty...even though everyone and their brother had already received theirs days earlier...i was about to call su! and give them a piece of my mind, when i found out that it had been sent to my dad's house...little ol' me forgot that i changed the address in my profile to my dad's address, just in case anything was sent after we moved. ooops, yah, my fault! and i must say...i have heard that people haven't been very impressed with this fatty catty, but i love it! the cover/colors are the best that i've ever seen su! put out...i think it's just a beauty! i can't wait to sit down and check out all the ideas in it! alright, gotta run and try to rest while the kids are enjoying a movie...i feel a cold coming on...ugh...not again. can this house ever be completely and totally sick free??? anywho...have a good day!
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