busy weekend!

well, it's been a busy couple of days! as you can see from the pictures, we got snow!! my wish came true :) i really wanted to be able to play in the snow at least one more time before we leave for warm and sunny florida and it happened! and i don't need to ever play in it again...it was bitter cold, with the wind blowing in our faces, and the snow falling. and of course, the amount of time it took to get all the kids bundled up was about the same amount of time that we spent outside! we went with our good friends, the cheneys...thank goodness allyson took some pictures...otherwise, our last sledding experience would not have been documented! thanks cheney! as you can see in this picture...caedmon and hadley had a blast going down the hill...that is until...

...hadley fell off the sled, face first...ouch! and would somebody please get the girl a kleenex??

i even went down the hill a couple times...seriously, sledding is fun!! it's been YEARS since i've been on a sled, so i had a blast too! when we were driving home keith said "i didn't even get to sled"...he was so busy helping kids and holding the baby that we forgot to send him down the hill too! bummer...and i'm sorry babe! maybe there will be a fluke snowstorm in florida and i promise you can sled then!

here is milo...he hated the cold...the wind on his face was overwhelming for him...he just cried until he finally fell asleep! yah, it was cold...but lots of fun! and i'm so glad we got to go...especially for the kids!

that night, we tried to get a date together with some of our friends, but all of us failed at finding babysitters, so what's the next best thing to do when no one can find a sitter? you guessed it, go to chuck E. cheese. so that's what we did. and i never need to go there again as well. places like that stress me out. i know that the kids can't get out the door because they stamp your hand, but i constantly feel the need to keep my eye on the kids and when i can't see one of them, i freak. and then i get frustrated with keith cause i feel like he's not watching them. ugh. never again.
today we had a family christmas party...my cousin, connie, works at a scrapbooking company and so she had a surprise for me and another cousin...free scrapping goodies!! organizers, totes, paper, punches...you name it, she had it! it was like christmas, my birthday and mothers day combined!! thanks connie...i'm so excited to use my goodies!!
well, i am on the house hunt for homes in florida...looking online for a home is tough...very tough. but i know that it will work out...and i'm trying to get all the moving stuff figured out too. ugh again. i am seriously on the internet all day long these days...looking for homes...contacting people about homes...working on moving stuff. i know the kids are feeling the lack of attention, and so they choose to fight with each other...which then frustrates me, cause i just want to do all of this stuff in peace and quiet. it's annoying when you have to hang up with a realtor or someone because your kids are screaming at each other in the background and you can't hear anything. on friday, my stepmom came and took the kids for a couple hours so i could work in a little peace...thanks michelle! and i'm so excited for tuesday cause my friend, jenn, is taking the kids from 9-4!!! that is her christmas present to me (and a couple other gals) and i'm telling ya, there is really nothing i need more right now, so thanks a ton jenn!
well, i'm not quite sure how much crafting i will get done from now until we get to florida...i had to take my craft table back to my dad's house today (they needed it so people could eat off of it)...and it's their table anyways, so we just left it there. so now my stuff is strewn all over the basement...there's just no organization to it, not to mention i don't have a hard surface to work on down there...so, we'll see...but this may just be a family blog until i can start crafting again! sorry if you come to my blog to see my crafty stuff...i'll try my hardest to create something (for my sanity as well) but it's just not high on my priority list right now. we'll see!
gotta run and spend some time with the husband!
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