a card!

okay, so i needed some thank you cards (badly), so while the kids napped yesterday, keith and i watched a couple episodes of gilmore girls and i brought some of my stuff upstairs and worked on some cards...this is that same paper that i LOVE so much from the new su! catalog...which is available today!! it's really simple, but will do the job :)
it's so strange having my husband home these days. his last day of work was last friday, and he doesn't start crusade until jan. 14th, so having him around all the time is kind of cramping my style :) just kidding...it's nice...we've been alternating mornings sleeping in, and i always love that :) i could sleep all day long if that were possible with 3 children! i envy the teenage girls i know who sleep in till 12 or 1 every day...ahhhh, those were the days! but seriously, i shouldn't get used to keith being around, cause before we know it, we will be in florida and he will be back to work! i can't wait to get there and get organized...our house in in disarray these days...and it drives me crazy...i hate not having a work space...all my craft stuff is strewn about all over the house...i'm just sure i'm probably going to lose things. ugh, let's get there already and get unpacked!
i've got to run and go spend some gift card money at hobby lobby!
later :)
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