happy birthday keith!

we've had a busy weekend! it started out friday night, when our friends threw us a "going away" party! it was so moving to see all of the faces that showed up to wish us well! we feel so loved by our church family...what a blessing it is to have people in your life who are not family by blood, but treat you as if you were. the love and support our church family has showed us over the past couple of years has always blown us out of the water. they have been there for us when we've had our babies...showing us how much we are loved, by bringing us meal after meal after meal...it went on forever! they have not only loved on keith and i, but also our children...that means so much to us. these people hold a dear place in our hearts and we will miss them greatly. today was our last service at cedar ridge. they called us up front to pray for us...i held it together good, until one of my youth girls, sarah, came up to me, crying pretty hard. then i lost it. i had a wonderful chance to get to know some really amazing high school girls, being their youth leader, and i may not have been as close to them as i would have liked, but none the less, they touched my life...and having sarah come up to me, crying and hugging me, made me think a little, that i may have touched their lives too. what a blessing it is, to have those memories. i got an awesome picture frame, full of pics of me and my high school girls, made by one of them...okay, yes, it made me cry as well! but what a great, precious gift! oh, i will miss them dearly.
okay, on to funnier things...this picture...allison had the friggin' cutest hat i've ever seen (i stopped by target to see if it was still there tonight, but i couldn't find it-boo)...and she was wearing it all ghetto and stuff...so we couldn't resist taking a picture. we are ghetto "supa"stars for sure. ha! i just love this picture...it's going in a frame, for sure!!

last night, keith and i got to go to cheesecake factory...by ourselves! it was delicious...how could it not be? and we had fun, talking as grown-ups, and not cutting up anybody's food, or wiping booties, or any of that fun stuff :) and i got to see the plaza lights, which was on my list of things to do before we move! and they were just as beautiful as they've always been. i just love that area...it's so magical :) and, today is keith's 28th birthday! wow, he's so old!! just kidding-but, i do like to say he is, cause right now (and until july) he's actually 2 years older than me, so i like to rub that in his face :) i'm young, he's old. to celebrate his bday, we went and ate at "cheeseburger in paradise" with the family this afternoon. all i have to say is "what's shakin' bacon burger"...it's so yum. happy birthday babe!
well, i leave you with my "photo a day" #3: milo has found his feet. and he loves them. and he loves to taste them. yumm-o. enjoy!
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