goodbye 806

well, today is our last day in our townhouse...#806. we are going to move in with my dad for the next couple of days, so we can get this place cleaned up and ready to go! i was laying in bed last night, and it hit me...i won't be sleeping in this room, ever again. this is the last night that my kids will be in those rooms...the morning will be the last time that we wake up here. it was a little sad. as much of an adventure as this move will be, and as often as i say "i can't wait to move out of this townhouse," i am most definitely going to miss it. we have had 2 of our babies here...that's a lot of memories! we have called this place "home" for 3 years...no matter what the place it, it's never easy to leave your "home" and the comfort of it. i heard an awesome quote this morning on the radio "you're never challenged, until you're removed from your comfort zone"...how true is that for us? we are most definitely not going to be comfy the next few months, but we hope we can overcome, and know that we faced the challenges head on. God is good at taking people out of their comfort zones...all to do His will and get us closer to him. so, i guess i can say "bring it on Lord"...i'm anxious to see what He has in store for us :)
so, my photo a day #4: goodbye 806
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