i forgot!

i was just thinking that i forgot to post pictures from christmas day...it was a fun, relaxing day. the kids were of course spoiled rotten with the amount of christmas gifts they got from my family...that's okay though, i just put them away and then gradually pull them out all year long...it keeps the kids entertained, when they have new toys to play with. i have to switch them out every week, otherwise they start going crazy with the same toys...it's proven to work good for this family!
the first couple pictures are of caedmon and his new roller skates. he loves those roller skates. every morning, he comes down and spends about 30 minutes putting on his roller skates, elbow pads and knee pads...safety first. he skates around the living room...into the kitchen...falling occasionally. instead of knee and elbow pads, he really needs a butt pad. he falls more on that, than anything else. but, alas, he's having fun, and it's keeping him entertained, and that makes mommy happy.

keith and my dad helping caedmon...

christmas day also involved a snowball fight, and building a snowman...the kids (and keith) had fun playing in the bitter cold. i would just rather sit and watch from inside, thanks though. hadley had no gloves, but insisted on throwing snow, eating snow, molding snow, and just playing with the snow. how her hands didn't freeze off is beyond me...all i have to do is look at the snow and my hands get cold.

caedmon...what a cheese ball...at least he smiles for the camera now...
so, they built their snowman, complete with a play-doh face. we were like "why is the snowman's nose glowing?...oh because it's neon pink play-doh, that's why." sweet. and keith did not escape the dog poop that was strewn about as well...just because there is snow, doesn't mean that the poop doesn't get to you...he was rolling around a huge snowball, and sure enough, there was a big piece of poo on it...and then the next day, i scraped dried dog-doo off of caedmon's shoes...oh well, it was fun for them, right?
all in all, it was a FUN day, relaxing, eating and just hanging out with the family!!
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