a photo a day...

i thought it would be fun to set a personal goal for myself. aside from wanting one of my scrapbook pages to be published in a magazine, my other "creative" goal would be to work on my photography. i love taking pictures, and have been inspired to take more and more as of late, but there is always room for improvement. so with that, i am going to take a "photo a day" for the next year. yup, a year. 365 (actually it's a leap year, so does that mean 366?) photos. it can be of anything...my kids, the outdoors...anything that my eye caught that day. i will post them on here as well. now, i may not post everyday (especially since we are moving in the next week), but when i do post, i will make sure and show the photos that i took for those days. this is exciting! and fun! so, here is photo #1:

it's caedmon and his best little buddy, caden. caedmon and caden. confusing, huh? they have a lot of fun together, and i know they will miss each other like crazy!! what a cute photo of them. it's a framer, for sure. we went to "pump it up" this morning with the caires and gagers. let's just say pump it up was maxed out at capacity, so you don't even have to ask mommy if it was fun. it was stressful. the kids had fun, and i'm sure they had fun watching mommy run around keeping an eye on them :)
and then after "pump it up" we went to eat pizza...luckily, there was a back booth open, away from everybody, so the kids sat there and went crazy. when we were driving home afterwards, i asked caedmon what his "3 favorite things" were and he said "ummm, playing at pump it up, eating my sucker, and looking at the dead deer." yup, gager had a dead deer in the back of his truck and the kids couldn't stop looking at it. nice, i've probably traumatized caedmon.
welp, we have a "going away party" tonight at the shackletts house! i'm excited...it's going to be a lot of fun...and it will be good to get one more night of hanging out in with some of our friends! later :)
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