late, i know...

okay, so this picture was definitely taken yesterday, but i'm not getting it posted until today, which means, score for you, because i'll post again tonight, with photo #6! so, this is photo #5: big kid. caedmon went to his first sleepover yesterday. he stayed the night at his best friends house, caden. it was so cute and priceless, watching him walk up these steps, complete with his "pumping bag" (as he calls it) in his hand. he just looked like a big kid. he was so ready to go play with caden (and from what i heard, caden was pretty ready too :) ) amy told me that they were all boy the whole time...which is so good for them! they are just ninos trying to get out their wiggles. what's that from? anywho, the night was complete with a tent set up in the basement, sleeping bags, flashlights...and it even included a stint in their underwear. okay, if my son is there, you know it involved running around in his underwear and probably saying the word "boobie" or "booty" cause those are, of course, the funniest words ever (at least to a 3 year old boy). i'm so glad he got to spend this last night with caden. i have just loved seeing their friendship grow over the last couple of years. this was caden's first best friend...just precious. thanks amy, for being brave and having caedmon over...he hasn't stopped talking about it!!
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