exciting news!

here's a fun page i did for our family album...i loved this picture of hadley when i took it. i'm having trouble these days NOT scrapping just one picture on a page. scrapbooking is quickly becoming more of an art outlet for me...rather than a way to document family things...BUT, i do LOVE what it's becoming for me :)
so, my exciting news is this...last week the making memories blog had this posted:

Do you want to be featured on the Making Memories Blog?
During the month of March we are going to have some special guests featured on our blog every Thursday. These special guests will create a MM layout for everyone else to see and we will create a link to their personal blogs or online galleries.
If you want to be featured as one of our special guests, show us your current MM layouts by posting a comment with your blog address, name, and email.
We will contact four people within the next week to help us in March.
Good luck!

well....i got an email this morning asking if i wanted to be featured!!!! OH MY!! i'm just so darn excited...i look at this blog, religiously...and love everything they make or post on there, so to be picked for this is SUCH an honor!!!! so, yah, just had to share my ridiculously exciting news :) i'm jumping all around right now....