26 things i love...

...at the ripe old age of 26.
i'm going to be turning 27 soon (holy moley) so i wanted to start documenting some things from life this past year.
a lot has happened this past year, but i wanted to start off with something easy, so i made a list of random things that i'm loving right now.
and it's very random.
after i had it printed and on my page i had realized i forgot some important things...like, my family and taking pictures.
apparently cheeseburgers and cheetos were more important and on my mind when i wrote this.
i must have been hungry.
so, i must say sorry to my family and my camera.
i do love you all too.

sorry from the crappy picture...the lighting was bad when i took it, so it's not very clear.
i'm still working hard on trying to find the perfect spot and lighting to take pictures of my pages.
it's so hard cause i want all the detail to show, but it just never happens that way.
any suggestions?
well, i must run as the kids are fighting with each other downstairs and milo is screaming upstairs.
card stock-prism (chocolate, white prismatic)
alphabets-american crafts
random fonts.
random ribbons.