so very fun.

this layout is so very fun.
and so very not me.
i mean the colors and all. it's very rare that i bring out the bright colors anymore.
well, maybe sometimes i do, but i dunno.
i just look at this layout and think it's different from all the other ones i've done.
maybe not.
i did this for the scrapjacked blog.
i was so excited to get a "happy mail" package the other day.
over at SIS, i signed up for a happy mail group, and you get a partner and for a couple months you just randomly start sending goodies off to each other.
and let me tell you that when i received my goodies...it put a huge smile on my face!
they don't call it happy mail for nothing.
and then today...i got a random happy mail from somebody else in the group...i got a sewing kit...that was definitely on my wish list! i use my sewing machine all the time, but i wanted to just hand stitch every once in a while, so i was so excited to find that in my mailbox today!!
anyways...the point of my happy mail story was to tell you that, that ribbon on my layout is from my partner! she sent me gobs of good-a-licious ribbon. i think i just made up a word.
so, yah.
i'm happy for my happy mail.
and i'm also soooo happy for this girl.
mandi is this "super talented at everything" girl, and the type of girl who i would totally hang out with...if we lived by each other.
instead. we are friends only through the online world.
which isn't bad...but anyways...
i'm excited for her cause she's been added to the TAIF group of gals!
what a fun blog.
and what a fun group of girls.
and she gave the blog a complete make over which completely blows my mind.
seriously girl...it's rad.
so excited to see what they come up with.
their prompt right now is to do something magnificent with envelopes, so i'd like to work on that sometime soon.
maybe i'll do something cool.
maybe not.
all right friends.
i'm off to bed.
it's late.
and now i'm rambling.
wow, i wrote a lot tonight over here!