i did it.

do you know what i did?
if you took a gander and guessed that i won the last scrapper standing challenge over at CMK, you guessed correctly!
holy cow.
can you believe that?
do you know what that means?
it means, i am on their design team for the next 6 months!
i'm still in awe.
here is my layout for the final entry...

the circle swings up and reveals the journaling underneath it.

okay, so yah.
i'm still in shock.
it just feels crazy to have won something with my scrapbooking.
i mean, i started scrapbooking to document my families "stuff."
and it's turned into so much more than that for me...and personally i am so proud of what it's turned into.
i look forward to my moments when i can just sit down and let my creative mind loose on something THAT also is preserving my family's memories.
it's such a great feeling.
i am super excited to be working with the team.
they actually picked 3 new girls, so i know there are a few other ladies out there feeling this same excitement!
i'm just happy :)