i made it...

...to the final round of last scrapper standing over at CMK!!
i'm so excited!
here was my entry for the round...they narrowed it down from 20 to 10!
and the next challenge is to make a layout using circles...which i'm working on right now (taking a blogging break).
this is the final round...after this, they will pick one person for their design team and one person to guest design in july.
this is the mini i made...i used a cheerios box, and cut it up into 4 pieces...punched some holes...glued some card stock and felt down....did some stapling...some sewing.
and voila.
here ya go!
a fun little mini.
i can't show the inside, cause it's a gift for someone...and they will see the pictures :P

soooooo fun.
i really do {love} this mini.
ohhhhh, friends. i must run.
right when i sit down to type, the baby wakes up.
it's fun, right?