over at taif this week, the prompt is using magazines.
i saw this picture in the anthropologie catalog a while back (yes, i get the catalog. no, i don't ever spend money there---i can't stomach spending $50++ dollars on a shirt--neither can my husband...)
so, i loved this picture.
this girl.
just walking and reading.
i mean, i know it's fake, but it just reminded me how much i need to get caught up in a book.
one of those "i can't put this book down, so i'm gonna walk around and read it" kind of books.
those are good books.
so, i pulled out my WIP kit (cause ya know, i am the guest designer for july over there!!)
sorry--tooting my horn.
anyways, the kit is awesome.
and this has to be one of my favorite layouts i've done in a while.

and...i found out it made layout of the day over at SIS!
woot and a toot--again!
so, yah, i'm gonna hang this one up in my scrap area...cause i love to look at it...and it reminds me i need to find a good book to read.
any suggestions?
i want a good story...not "how to be a better mom/wife/christian/woman."
a good, get lost in the story, kind of story.
all right friends...
we'll chat soon.
and oh yah!
i almost forgot...
christine asked me if i actually sew on my layouts...and the answer is yes!
i just recently learned how to do it...and it took a lot of tweaking of the sewing machine (cause yah, at first, i was totally ripping the paper).
practice on some card stock first, and get the settings just right before you actually sew onto your layout.
but still, i've messed up many a times, and i always like how it turns out.
i like messy though.
hope that helps christine! (and anyone else who may have been wondering!)