one life.

my layout for one little word this week!
the word was 'one.'
i so needed these words today...make life fun.
yah, i needed to hear that.

cardstock-prism (white prismatic)
fabric-repro depot
letters-american crafts
oh let's see...where do i begin today?
i've had a really good mail week! the past couple of days, i've gotten-
1.my delicious fabric i ordered from repro depot...yummy polka dots, stripes and strawberries!
2.happy mail--again! melissa has outdone herself! she sent me tons of colorful felt to work with, and a bunch of other fun goodies today! i was happy.
3.i was featured in the CMK newsletter with my "why i love this man" page! so, they give you a a $10 gift certificate to their boutique for that...so i shopped. and got some yummy sassafrass lass papers! woot! they arrived today as well!
so, yah, i'm off to scrap. all my kids are laying down.
it's raining outside.
i've got launrdry going.
so, i'll pass the time by scrapping.
and oh yah, can i just say that i've fallen in love with google reader. anyone tried that? i'm sure you have...i'm like the last person on earth to use it.
but seriously, last night i got all the blogs i read, and put them on there...and now, i just have to go to one page, and it shows me who has updated their blog.
it's fabulous.
no more blog hopping! woot!
that's where i waste my time anyways.
so, i got my few, favorite gals in my google reader now.
i'm so excited!
it's like saving me sooo much time in my life now :)
now i won't waste my time going to dumb blogs that i hate going to anyways, but i find myself going there, because i blog hop.
why do we go to peoples blogs that we don't want to anyways?
it's such a waste of time.
so, YEAH for google reader!
i'm off!