i had these great 6 x 6 chocolate brown envelopes laying around...the came with some stampin' up cards i got a while back, but i never used the actual envelopes.
so, i thought they'd be great for TAIF prompt, to use envelopes!
i had the idea running through my head last night, so during nap/movie time this afternoon, i put my mini together.
and it was so easy.
kate's mini originally inspired my idea (she was the guest designer over there this time around), i just went from there with it.
in each pocket, i'll put random magazine pictures, quotes, things printed from the internet...all that inspire me in different areas.
this first one is just random things that inspire.

this one is home decor that i see that inspires.
see that button...found it at the crusade give-a-way a couple months back!

this ones hard to read, but it's my fashion inspo pocket.

this one is my life pocket.
this is where i'll put scripture quotes.
things that inspire me to be a better mom/wife/person.
things of that nature.

here's an up close of that button!

well, i've already started filling it up.
i think it will be neat for my kids to look through this one day as well...and see what their mama liked back in the day.
all right friends...
head on over to the art is found and make an envelope project too!