a layout and a weeeee-ner.

wow! i didn't realize i had that many people reading my blog. nothing like a good ol' giveaway to pull some of you readers out of the wood works. thanks for commenting. now that i know you're there, you need to talk to me a little more often! so, first up is my layout.
i did this for the scrapjacked blog.
they jacked the ever so fabulous candimandi...she is my fave.
for sure.
so, here's my take...
okay, okay.
i know none of you cared about all of that...you just want to know the winner.
well, without further ado....
i had the help of my most favorite little man ever with picking this winner.
here's how our conversation went.
ME: caedmon, what is your most favorite number ever?
CAEDMON: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 20.
ME: really? that's your most favorite number ever?
CAEDMON: ummmmmmmmmmmmm. yup.
ME: okay, thanks dude.
so, the weeeeeeeeeee-ner is...#20, which is:
sarah said...
Yay for free scrappy stuff! Maybe your creative juices will have oozed over it all during the clean up and come with all your goodies!
July 3, 2008 6:15 PM
congrats sarah! i can't guarantee any "oozieness". but i can guarantee a box o' goodies to arrive on your doorstep soon!
email me your address at
thanks to everyone who left a comment!
hope you all had a great weekend!
did you get any scrapping done on this long weekend? link me up...i'd like to see it!
good night!