good reads.

for the art is found, the prompt was to use a photo for your title...it could be a real photo, or a magazine photo...i opted for the magazine route.
i had this picture in my "inspo" folder, and i thought it would be perfect for this prompt.
just a little layout about my favorite books this summer.
the twilight series.
all those other goodies are fun stuff that i've been getting for happy mail.
seriously...happy mail is so fun!
and some people have asked about my blog and how i did it on scrapblog...if you have specific questions, you can email me at emilymaeanderson(at)gmail(dot)com.
i don't know where to begin, when explaining all that, so if you are stuck on something over there, then email me and i can try to help you out!
have a good monday.
those words just don't seem like they go together (good, monday).