to my happy mail partner.

clearly...my kiddos LOVED their masks that they got to paint!!
they say a huge THANK YOU for those!!!

and holy crow.
look at this goodness.
ya'll...the best happy mail partner EVER, sent this beauty of a package to me yesterday.
for real.
i was instantly inspired to go and create and i made 3 pages right after i ripped open this box!
and look at that cute bag...oh yes. melissa (aka my happy mail partner) makes these babies...and sells them in her etsy shop!

and now, i owe a huge apology to her because i must be considered the lamest happy mailer ever! she got stuck with someone who rarely makes it to the post office.
i so don't deserve this happy mail goodness, but i am soooo thankful for it!
thanks for the happiness melissa!!
(and don't forget, that yours is a coming).