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the prompt this week at the art is found is to use your old sewing patterns...i had a couple ideas floating around in my head, when i heard this prompt, but this is the one i ended up going with.
i cut out the 4 model women and stuck them on my page...i love how it turned out.
and okay, i totally got the idea from someone (and i can't for the life of me, remember who...if it's you, tell me so i can give you the proper credit!!) edited--it was the fabulous miss mandi who's page i saw! she so did not want the credit, but i'm giving it to her anyways! thanks girl!...anyways, what i saw was someone who cut their subjects out and then painted a background, like i did...i stored that in my brain for a while, just waiting to use it...and now i can't remember where i got it from...buehler, buehler?

anywho...go and run over to the art is found and play along!