back to florida.

hey hey friends!
we made it back home safely to florida...after a very loooooong flight cross country (well actually 3 long flights, but who's counting).
my husband and i are officially crazy for flying cross country with 3 children under the age of 4.
moving on.
did you see or get this issue of paper crafts?
i'm in it!
woot woot.
my first paid published card!
it was very exciting to see my plain and simple little card in there (i'm on page 56 if you're looking!)

and in other news...
the CMK card kit went on sale a few days ago and it is yummy.
here's just one example of the yummi-ness.

cute, eh? (thanks dani flanders for letting me steal this image!)
anyways...go to this link and pick one up!
dani gives you the exact examples you can make with this kit.
you don't even have to think (which is great for me cause i SUCK at making cards---even though i have one published in that magazine up there ;) )
anyways...go check it out!
and thanks for the links that you left me in my last post...i've added a few blogs to my google reader!
hope you're having a fabulous day!