link it up.

long time no blog, eh?
sorry about that...we are in cali right now...and i can't get our computer connected to the internet.
which means, no posting pictures from my computer.
so instead...
i'm checking in today with some of my favorite links right now.
this girls blog is one that i'm drawn too everyday.
even though she's in my google reader and she only updates every once in awhile, i still like to go to her blog and just look at old posts (all this of course, when i have time).
i really love her blog around this time of the year cause it feels very comfy and fallish to me.
she is a pro at managing 4 kids and scrapbooking and a beautiful house and cooking and canning and the list goes on and on.
she inspires me to do a better job at what i'm doing.
i always walk away feeling like "man, i should go can something."
and then i realize i have no clue how to do that so i just go back and look at her blog again.
and i love this blog for too many reasons to list.
the main one being that she is such a free spirit.
i just think that rocks.
and thirdly...i am always drawn to this girl and her beautiful writing.
i don't write a lot on this blog (i save that for my family blog) but i am totally drawn to good writing.
and this girl's skills are beautiful. she writes about the things she is going through with such grace.
she always inspires me.
well, that's all for now.
what blogs or sites are your favorite?
leave me some links...i always love finding new spots in the world wide web.
also, since i won't be posting anything to look at in the next few days, i thought i'd leave it open for ya'll to ask me any questions you may have burning inside.
about my pages? my family? my photos.
let me know!
i'm probably not that interesting for anybody to have any questions, and i'm totally okay with that :)
hope you're having a fab day.
what day is it anyway?
vacation's always do that to me.