WIP kits-October!

i just can't believe that today is the last day of september.
where does the time go?
almost this time last year, we were finding out the news that we would be moving halfway across the country, for my husbands new job...it just seems crazy to me that we've been here for 10 months already?!
and even though we are in florida, and the weather is like kansas summer right now, i still "feel" fall. ya know?
i'm most definitely going to be decorating for fall (as soon as the oh so wonderful husband gets the tub out of the garage...which happens to be inconveniently hiding somewhere).
i can't wait to put my pumpkins out...ahhhh, i love fall.
even if it is 87 degrees out.
i still will embrace this season.
here's my layouts for the october kit from work in progress!
this has been my favorite kit thus far...i had lots of fun with it.
i made a few other projects too, which i'll post later.

the lighting sucks in those photos...sorry bout that.
i have also found that i LOVE the we R memory keepers 4 x 6 photo holders...they fit in your 12 x 12 scrapbook albums...and so, with this last layout, i had many, many, MANY photos that i wanted to put on it, but instead, i made this layout and put the rest of the photos in a photo sleeve holder.
i'll take pictures of it sometime to show you what i'm talking about :)
have a good day...hope you're enjoying the season change...enjoy it for me, k?