answering a few questions.

i was asked what kind of albums i use...and here they are.
the american crafts 12 x 12 D-ring albums.
i love them because i've started doing 8 1/2 x 11 layouts as well...and their page protectors fit in these albums too...so you can keep all your layouts (any size) in the same album.
i love that.

kathy asked me more about those photo sleeves i was talking about...
here they are...when i get a chance i will take a picture of them in my album...i really love how it helps me out with all those photos i have.
you can have a layout....but still keep all those photos you love...and you can even do a little embellishing on them as well.

k, friends.
i'm off for the weekend...one of my best friends is getting married in texas and i'm flying there tomorrow night through sunday!
and did i mention that i'll be without kids the whole weekend?!
i can't believe it...i am bringing my (husbands) i-pod, a few good books and i'm going to enjoy flying solo. it's been years since i've done that...probably not since keith and i were dating long distance!
well, i've got a post set up for this weekend...otherwise, i'll get back to ya when i return!!
have a great weekend.
happy october!