i have nothing halloween related to post today...but i do have a layout...
here's one of my projects from the WIP kit this month.
that's my momma, her hubs and my sister in the picture...i'm so excited cause momma and hubs are coming into town today!!
i'm taking a cleaning break right now...
as we speak, i've enlisted the little people to dusting and cleaning up their rooms.
it always takes them forever, so i've given them about 3 hours to get the jobs done.

we got family pics done the other night.
kristina and i swapped photo sessions.
you can view the ones i took of her family over at:
here is one of the fabulous ones she got.
it was not a pleasant experience...all i wanted was one good one of all of us.
and i got it.

you can click on her name and view some of the others on her blog!
have a happy halloween!