i love when i see things online that make me go "oh...i love that"
here are some things that i saw in my google reader this morning...
this pumpkin decorating was on a blog, but originally it is from better homes and garden.
how cute is this?!

i loved when i saw on soulemama's blog this morning, her creative way to store dress up clothes.
how clever.
our kids dress up clothes are wadded up and thrown into a big bucket.
and they always seem to want that one costume that is on the very end of the bucket, so yes, we throw everything out to get to it....
anyways, i digress.
this is so much better.
and prettier.
and i of course had a smile from ear to ear when i saw my good friends blog this morning.
she loves to put her little people in pumpkins around this time of the year.
and it's so cute.

what is inspiring you today?