another pumpkin patch!

well, day 2 here in colorado! we went to the local pumpkin patch today and had a lot of fun! the weather was gorgeous! the only problem was my kids and their poop...yes, i said their poop...apparently they all decide to have pooping issues when we go to the pumpkin patch (remember milo, at deana rose?). anyways, caedmon said "mom, there's poop in my pants!" i'm all "what???" he then preceded to tell me that he was trying to push a toot out and it pushed poop out instead...so, we went to the car, took his undies off, and he had to go commando the rest of the time (which i'm sure he actually loved.) and then of course, hadley had a poop explosion...ugh. i've cleaned enough poop up today for the rest of my life!! well, other than that...it was fun...we took a hayride, went through a corn maze, and took lots of pictures! i made sure to get a picture with the mountains in the background...so you all know that i'm really here! no, i didn't just drive an hour away to emporia, ks...i really drove the 11 hours!!
well, last night's sleeping situation was horrible! poor milo is completely stuffed up, so he was up pretty much the whole night, needing his snot sucked (nice wording, huh?). hadley and i slept together in the same bed, and she would not go to sleep unless she was sleeping on top of me...weird, huh? i would try to move her over and she would yell and get right back on me...so, needless to say, momma didn't sleep too well! i drugged them up tonight (benedryl) so, i'm hoping to get some better rest...and we re-evaluated where hadley slept...and i moved her to a pack-n-play...here's hoping tonight's a better night!
we are going to take a trip to denver tomorrow and go to the zoo...the kids are super excited!!! it should be fun, and the weather people say it's going to be in the 70's...nice! i am tired, so i'm heading off to bed...i hope i have a good night!
have a great day/night!
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