give me a kiss...

here are some more amazing photos that the great allyson took for me and my family...these were some of my belly pictures...and the kids and i were just hanging out, having fun. those are the best kind of shots...unplanned...unscripted...just in the moment (funny, that's the name of her photography business!) anywho, i'm so thankful for these amazing pictures that i have...and on another note...my fabulous, amazing, great, handsome, loving and thoughtful husband surprised me the other night by emailing a picture to me of 4 tickets to 'so you think you can dance'!!!!!!! the tour will be in kc on saturday and we are going, along with our good friends, allyson (the photo buff) and her hubby matt!! i am thrilled beyond words! i just about peed my pants when i saw the picture! he knows how much i love that show, and so, he's taking us there...even though it may not be his idea of a good show! what a man!!
so, it's nap time here, and my kids don't nap well at other peoples homes, so they are watching a movie instead...we went to the zoo this morning...it was fun, but extremely tiring...pushing around a double stroller is hard work! well, i am starving! gotta go and snack...later skaters!