final day

well, today was our final day here in colorado...i am excited to get home, but rather sad to leave...i love hanging out with hannah, and definitely miss the days when, her, jami and i were all roommates...there was never a dull moment! today we went to the most unbelievable park ever! it was complete with a skateboard park (to which caedmon kept saying "i can't wait to be big so i can skateboard"...which made me totally happy, cause if you know me, then you know that i want my kids to be skateboarders!) anywho...it also had a climbing wall, that caedmon had a blast climbing up...as you can see below, he was so proud when he would reach the top! it's like "rocky"...the movie!

and then of course here is hadley doing what she does best...digging in her nose...that is her new habit...it's rare that i catch her without her finger in her nose. anyways, i had to post that picture, cause i know her daddy reading this would be so very proud of her!

well, i am off to try and get some good rest...will post tomorrow on my big trip home! have a great night!