rain and a new blog!

today is a rainy day!!! and i love it :) seriously, isn't it weird that nothing cheers me up more than a rainy day?? now, if we have like 5 days in a row of rain, then i start to get sick of it, but i do love one every once in a while...good excuse to cuddle on the couch and be lazy!! well, we had MOPS this morning...i'm telling you, we could do absolutely nothing at mops, and i would still love it!! i love the friendships i have formed there, and i absolutely love talking with the other moms...it's so refreshing! not to mention that the food stinkin' rocks!! i eat enough for about 3 moms every week :) today was no exception...the food was amazing! (sorry allyson, i'm sure that makes you sad, since you couldn't be there) but, it was great...allison made the best pumpkin cookies i've ever had!! oh, i will be making those for sure during the holidays! i also was encouraged by the ladies at my table to cook a turkey this year. so, i'm going to do it. i've never cooked a turkey in my life, and i'm sure i'll probably burn it, or under-cook it, or something, but at least i'm going to try! my husband reading this is probably thinking "yes! turkey leftovers for weeks!!". anywho, i'll make sure to let you all know how it turns out :)
well, here is some decor i made for my house...i can't wait to put it up...i know exactly where it will go, and know it will look fabulous! it's so bright and merry...perfect for christmas!! well, thanks for all of your sweet, sweet comments about hadley bean...she is doing much better today, and i anticipate a full recovery soon! and check out my good friend allison's blog. i have converted many of my friends over to the blogging world...she is the latest victim :) okay, so who's next........dad? i think it's calling your name :)
have a good rainy day all!