thanksgiving good times...

here are just a few pictures from thanksgiving yesterday with keith's family:
this is one with granny and gong-gong (chinese for grandpa) and all the great grandkids...we are missing one of the grandkids, but here they are! there are 10 under the age of 6! chaos! we always line them up on the couch to take pictures of them, but it's getting to be too many people on one couch!

here is one with milo and grandma sue...who knew milo could be an elvis impersonator?? check out that face!

keith, granny, gong-gong and me! we LOVE when we get to see granny and gong-gong! they are so great!

me and cousin amy! this girl is in high school, but she is totally cool...she will actually have a conversation with you...unlike another high schooler i know...(my sister)...anyways, i love to get to hang out with this girl!

anywho, i won't write much right now as i am SOOO tired! the time change is kicking me in the butt this time! so, i will sign off, but write tomorrow, as i have lots of stories!! hope everyone had a great thanksgiving...i am STILL full from the food!!!
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