i am thankful...

that we made it to california! yup, we are here...FINALLY! our plane was on time and everything was going good, UNTIL, we were all sitting on the plane, getting ready to take off...we sat for about 30 minutes, and then the pilot came on and said these exact words "uhhh, hello there...the plane is broken...we need to evacuate this plane...and wait for another one to come in, that can take us to sacramento." ummmm, excuse me? what was that he said? we are going to have to get off this plane and wait around for another one. no, i don't think so. i'll stay on this one, thanks. can you stinkin' believe that happened??? for any of you who have kids and travel, you know that getting on a plane is not an easy task. try doing it twice in about 3o minutes and add getting off the plane too. keith and i just looked at each other and tried to be as positive as we could, but by this point, it was 8:00 and our kids bed time...so, they proceeded to fight the whole next 45 minutes or so in the lobby while we waited for another flight to come in. they were SO cranky and tired, as they didn't take a nap that day cause they were so excited...yah, not fun...but luckily, we were not the only cranky ones, so people weren't just staring at us the whole time. well, our plane finally took off, and only about an hour and a half late, and the pilots made up good time in the air, and we got there only about 45 minutes late...but, it was a looooooooong day! and, i'm so done with southwest airlines...i wish we could all boycott them...they no longer have family pre-boarding anymore. it used to be that families with kids under 5 could pre-board, but not any longer...they let you board by the way you checked in (meaning the first person who checked in for that flight, is the first person that gets to board). well, now a days, you can check in online, UNLESS you have a lap child...so, there were about 6o+ people that boarded before us...and then our turn...we have our double stroller, 2 car seats, 3 children and 2 bags that we are trying to carry on...can you say "holding up the line" cause that is surely what we were doing. but it's not our fault!!! dang southwest...you used to be cool...but not anymore.
anyways, no more complaining cause it's thanksgiving!! i'm so excited to get together with keithie's family today and eat, eat and eat some more. will post some pictures later! hope everyone's day is so great!