the natos

my best friend, jami, and her precious family needed a few pictures for their christmas card this year...and not to mention, i've been wanting to practice my photography skills, so we went out this morning and snapped a few shots of their family! are they not the cutest family ever?? little layne is so adorable...we always joke that him and hadley are going to be married one day...hadley and him could pass for brother and sister, so that makes it even funnier! i would LOVE it if they married...ahhh, i can dream...and pray :)
so, in other news...you can probably tell that it snowed here!!! this was the first time in my life that i was actually excited about it snowing...i so badly wanted to see the snow again before we move, and now my wish has been fufilled...the kids were so excited about it too! today it's all melting away, but they (meaning, the well knowledgeable weather men) say it's going to snow a little more tonight...i love when the snow is falling...it's just beauty.
well, short post today...not a lot on my mind! that's a first :)

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