random facts

i was tagged by the fab elizabeth kartchner to post 7 random things about me (that you may or may not know)...so here ya go:
1) i can recite almost every line of nacho libre...and so can my 3 year old son.
2) i still sleep with a stuffed animal named "blankie bear"...he used to be my blankie (that i've had since i was a baby)...but my mama had someone turn him into a bear for me...when she thought i was too old to still have a blankie. (i mean, i was in high school). i can't go anywhere without him. and sometimes, caedmon tries to take him from my bed and sleep with him, and i have to steal him back after he falls asleep.
3) no matter the temperature, i have to have my feet sticking out of the covers when i sleep...i absolutely cannot sleep with them under the blankets!
4) i jam out to hip hop music when i'm driving in the car by myself (and sometimes when the kids are in there too).
5) i once got a concussion when i was surfing...i fell off the board and it came back and knocked me in between the eyes!
6) every day at nap time, the first thing i do is eat a huge, heaping, spoonful of peanut butter...my kids are allergic to peanuts, so i can't really eat it around them, so i wait till there sleeping and enjoy my PB in peace.
7) this makes me laugh the hardest, but in high school, i was a varsity cheerleader! ha! go tigers :)

and now, since this is an anderson blog, i thought it would be fun to have keith post 7 random facts about himself:

1) emily was the first girlfriend i ever had.
2) i am a northern california boy, living in the midwest.
3) i like to watch the gilmore girls...it's pretty much my favorite show.
4) my dream would be to rent an RV and travel cross country with my wife when we're 60 years old.
5) i've had a partially collapsed lung, but still went to my prom just a few days later.
6) i wish i was bear grylls (man vs. wild). yah, all the ladies would dig me for sure.
7) i think i'm cool.

okay, so now i have to tag more people to do the same thing SO: Allison, Jenn W, Jeanna, Allyson, Melissa, Carly, Toni & Brooke...go for it!
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